Friday, February 6, 2015

A look at some of our sold work from the past few months!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beads For Auction!

Hello there, bead lovers!  I've just listed several new sets up for auction on Facebook and thought this would be a good place to write about them! Please note that these auctions are only live for 24 hours so if you are reading this after Jan 29th at around 5pm New York time, the auctions will be gone.

Here is a set of green lampwork spacers, 58 in total.  Starting bid is only $35!  That's only 60 cents a bead! If you'd like to BIN them (buy it now) that price is the standard one dollar a bead price.  Click HERE to jump over to the auction on Facebook.

Next is a set of orphaned flat beads.  They are each beautiful in their own right but just haven't found the right homes yet.  Listed at $59 starting bid for 17 fabulous beads!  Click HERE to jump over to this listing on Facebook.

Seriously cool FLAT beads that can make the most amazing jewelry including awesome bracelets! 

The next set up for auction is so pretty and unique, made from turquoise blues and greens.  Would work in a multitude of designs! 

Click HERE to see this auction over on Facebook.  Starting bid is $36 for these 9 artisan lampwork beads, made here in our studio by Guy.  

Up next is a set of four funny little guys.  One of them is a face and the other three are owl beads. They've each got their own sweet little characteristics! 


Click HERE to go directly to the auction for these guys on Facebook.  Starting bid is $20!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dirt Cheap

There was a documentary on television last night, profiling the company H&M and revealing all the behind the scenes ways they come up with to make their prices so low.  It got me thinking about how lots of people have a hard time understanding the higher prices of handmade things such as lampwork ..... Not a well thought out post, but it's got me thinking...  They also talked about Apple and the people in China who sleep at their stations and work 12 hours a day putting these phones together.  Sigh ....

When you buy lampwork beads from a lampwork artist, you are buying something that has not been made in a sweat shop, the people who you buy it from are not being pushed around by bosses, they are not forced to live and work in horrible conditions and ... well, it's just a different thing all together from something you pick up from a cheap-selling place like H&M, Wal-Mart, etc....

But it can be challenging for the average consumer to see through the low prices of some things to reveal the sad and pitiful situations of the people that made those things.  You don't pick up your I-phone and wonder who made it, you just use it and carry on....

But all this consumerism of dirt-cheap merchandise is not going to get us to a nice place in the long run....