Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Soaking Up The Preciousness

Tonight Dylan came up to me as he was getting closer and closer to wanting to do 'booby in the bed' - the way he's fallen asleep since he was a newborn.  He had been pretty wound up all evening, creating lots of imaginative games between him and his toys, teddy beads, magnets, cars and pillows in the bed.  At one point, earlier in the night he announced to me that he was ready for booby in the bed.  I was skeptical.  I knew it was a bit early.  He's usually awake for 12 hours on average and it wasn't yet time in my opinion.  But he insisted.  You never know why - maybe he was just a bit hungry and only mommy's milk is the only thing that will satisfy that hunger.  Maybe he just wanted to cuddle.

So I agreed.  When we got to the bed and he nursed on one side for a couple of minutes, then got up and said, 'now I want booby ha-ze (that booby)'.  Then he nursed on that side for a very short time then said, with a snicker on his face, knowing that I was going to question him changing sides yet again, that he wanted the other one.  I gave it to him but started telling him that I didn't think he was ready for bed yet.  We fake argued back and forth for a short time and laughed and giggled and I tickeled him and he fake fell and and and.... He's 3 years and 8 months so life is very, very funny and amusing to him.

Next he gets up for the other booby!  I tell him no way!  You've changed sides 17 times already (exaggeration) and you're just messing with me!  All in joking voices of course.  Then he starts throwing pillows at me.  Then we throw them back and forth at each other.  Then I tickle him and he's howling with laughter.  Obviously not ready to sleep.  I roll over and tell him I'm going to the bathroom or something.  He keeps throwing pillows at me.  It's funny but I'm sick of it!  You know when you homeschool you're with your kid a lot and so ... well, sometimes you just want them to play by themselves or go next door to Savta's house!

Well, his next move was to stomp on my back as I was rolled over.  That wasn't nice and I told him so.  Then he slapped my back so hard!  Then again!  This sounds really abusive as I write it but it was all a laugh, but I still was sick of it.  I yelled out for Daddy to come rescue me, for Daddy to come and get physical with Dylan for the last few minutes of the day cuz he sure was telling me that's what he needed!

Daddy came in and fake yelled at him that he was hurting mommy.  Dylan was still laughing.  Guy and him horsed around for another few minutes and I went to the other room to look at Facebook.  A few minutes later ... and this is the whole point of my story ... Dylan came out of our room and walked up to me and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry that I hurt you earlier."  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  This boy is the sweetest thing.  This came truly out of his own mind and heart.  I just love it when he shows love and care for us and realizes that he makes us a little crazy sometime.  He's an amazing human being.  I love him so much.

And with that, we went off to do booby in the bed.  He fell asleep and I moved him over to his side of the bed like I always do.  Stopped and pet his head for a few moments to admire that amazing creature when he's actually asleep.  Soaking up the precious, precious time with our boy.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Us - Here and Now: Socialisation- BLAGH!

My friend Trudy in New Zealand, tellin it like it is! Us - Here and Now: Socialisation- BLAGH!: Well, we’re back! What a journey it’s been. My favourite part of our holiday was watching Louis and Joss be a team, a unit – watching them ...

Monday, August 31, 2015

My yearly visa renewal meeting at misrad hapneem AKA Complaining Post

So, Guy isn't a big fan of going to government offices.  I mean, who is?  I had my yearly visa renewal interview this morning at Misrad Hapneem in Rehovot and Guy scrunched up his face when I asked if he was coming with me.  I kinda had an inkling that he SHOULD come with me but I just said whatever, fine, stay home with Dylan and have fun then!

I get to my appointment, they call me in after I'm in the waiting room for one hour.  Yes, I had an appointment and still waited one hour.  So goes life in Israel sometimes!  The woman looks at me and looks around, asking where is your husband?  I say he didn't come, he didn't think he had to come.  She said when I called you to confirm your appointment, I informed him that he had to be here, too.  I said no, I didn't get that message from him.

This fucking sucks.

So she proceeds to start setting up a new appointment for me.  I'm shocked!  I told her that this is my 6th year here and I thought by now he wouldn't need to come, it's proven already that we are married, we've been married for 19 years.

Didn't matter.  Appointment on September 24th.  At least it's at 9:40AM instead of like today's at 8:40AM.  I can get places better later!

This kind of reminds me of the crap we have to go through to get Guy back into America, too!  We've been married since 1996 but that doesn't mean a thing to the immigration people over there.  As far as they are concerned, we have to prove our relationship all over again.  No problem, we can do it, but it's a lot of papers (I've filled them all out already), $420 and a year long wait.  Eze kef!

So after my dissapointment at not being able to renew my visa, I took a number for the other line at the office so I could get a copy of Dylan's birth certificate in Hebrew.  Guess how long I had to wait?  The number I took was 653.  The number on the monitor was 630.  Sigh.  My number was called after an hour.

During that hour, I witnessed all kinds of special people from Israeli society, specifically Rehovot.  There was a woman apparently from Thailand or somewhere close to there, married to an Ashkenazi Israeli man and she was trying to get her Israeli passport sorted out.  She was telling the official behind the desk (a man of Ethiopian decent) that her name is Julie and that it's not spelled correctly in Hebrew on her paperwork.  Sometimes officials aren't good at translating names.  They had my maiden name is 'Perl' instead of 'Farrell' because in Hebrew the sign for 'p' and for 'f'' is the same so its anyone's guess what my name was.  I asked the lady to change it because US immigration would probably have a problem with an incorrect maiden name on a document, dontcha think?


So the woman that was sitting at that same desk before Julie and her husband was telling the official that she is old now and doesn't work.  She said she sits around reading books all the time.  So he asks her, is that what you want to write as your current occupation?  and she says yes, write that I read books.  Ohhhkayyy.

Next, we have a father and his two young children that were sitting outside the waiting area next to me.  They were bouncing around, like young kids do, having a hard time waiting ... weren't we all?  The daddy was explaining to them that they were waiting in line because they wanted to get passports done.  I made eye contact with the little girl (she was about 5 I guess) and we smiled.  Then he told her that if she doesn't behave her self, she won't be going 'hutz la aretz' with them.   Oh how convenient that you have a brand new threat you can hold over their heads! Of course it dind't mean much to the girl.  I guess this is why so many kids are on ritalin.  The parents think they are hyper active but in reality they are just being fidgety, excited, energetic kids.  So sad.

So I couldn't resist joining in on their conversation, in my attempt to always help other parents out in some way when I'm out in public.  I practiced in my head for a second how I would say what I wanted to say to her in Hebrew.  I do this all the time.  First formulate it in my head then try to deliver it with the least amount of mistakes and accent as possible.  I can't say how many people think I'm a native Israeli but I feel confident sometimes.  Except when it comes to children.  They can spot my mistakes and accent and other things in an instant.  But she went for it anyways, and so did her brother.  I asked them if they were going to Disney Land maybe?  And they didn't know what that was.  Then the dad said the only thing he actually said to me, not understanding, maybe that I was trying to help alleviate him of his annoying kids for a few moments while we all waited.  He said oh they don't know about Disney World.  And it's a good thing they don't know about it.

Oh, ok.  So Disney World has never come up in your house?  Hmmm I guess that's reasonable.  I guess he thinks if they know about such a place that they will demand they go there.  Hmm, getting a better gauge of the dynamics in that family.

Within a few moments, nobody was interested in carrying on a conversation with the odd foreign woman so it lay dead in the water.

Moving on.

Oh yes, the semi-abusive family.  A man, his wife and their son (4 years old or so) and daughter (6 years old or so) were also standing in a doorway near me.  They caught my attention because I saw the father dig his hand into his daughters neck in order to make her stay still.  I guess she'll be on ritalin anyday now, too.  I was pretty sad to see how hard he dug his fingers into her neck.  I don't enjoy seeing abuse first hand.  Once as she was running away, trying to just keep busy while waiting in this dull government office, he tried to grab her ponytail from the back but lucky for her, he missed.  I wouldn't like to have seen how that made her feel.  But of course, you could see she was well used to this kind of physical man handling by her father.  I cringe to think what she might have to endure at home.  I don't think I'm exaggerating.  If you can so easily restrain your daughter with one of your hands around her neck while out in public, I'm pretty sure you are more violent at home.  I really hope I'm wrong for this little girls sake.

I told Guy about it just now when I got home and he said oh yeah, it's easy to see who gets beat up when you're out in public.  Sheesh.  So sad.  This is the society I live in.  Do you see why I stay home?

Then I got Dylan's birth certificate and left the lovely office.  Actually it's a pretty well run government place.  I have noticed it's improved a lot since the very first time I went there back in 1999.  Now you can do loads of things on line insted of coming in.  You can renew your passport and they have a drop-box for your old one.  Guy did his renewal this way and it was perfect, arrived back to us in the mail a few days later, all new.

Since I spotted a toy store nearby and Dylan wasn't with me, I figured I'd go in to see if something caught my eye.  He's very into Optimus Prime and Bumblebee right now from the Transformers movies and from the old cartoon, Rescue Bots.  They didn't have too many things in my price range for them, though.  I saw some little knock off ninja turtles for 2 shekels a piece so got 3 of them for him then had to argue with the man at the register that he charged me 4 shekels when the basket clearly says 2.  In Israel, the customer is always wrong as a rule.  Sucks.  I hate it and it annoys me all the time.  Which is why I don't buy much!

Next I went to the library which is right around the corner.  You think as a stay at home mom of an unschooled boy that I'd go to the library a lot more.  But we don't.  It's so hot out.  The air conditioning is broken in our car.  They are working on the road that takes us to Rehovot and I don't like the drive.  There is never anywhere to park near the library, or most places, for that matter, in Rehovot.  I'm just miss positivity today, aren't I?  But this is actually my purpose for documenting this.  I want to get it off my chest.  I think I'm feeling better already!  Could be because I have a fan blowing on me and I just ate chocolate, though.

The library doesn't have a very good selection of English books for kids Dylan's age.  I have known this from the past few times I went there but I keep going with the hope that they suddenly got new inventory.  They didn't.  But I manage to get 3 books.  The Lion King, The Jungle Book and .. I forget the last one.  Dr. Seuss I think.

After the library my plan was to stop in a shop for a lollipop for Dylan.  I told him I'd bring him one home.  This led me to the 'shook' (market) and all it's craziness.  It's right near the office I was in and where I parked.  By the way, this public parking lot I always park in?  It was free about 2 years ago.  Then last year someone I guess decided to start making money off it so now they charge 10 shekels a car.  Or so I thought.  When I got there today, I see it's now gone up to 13 shekels a car.  And their is broken glass in lots of spots.  And they guy at the gate is a stinker and patronizing and always makes fucked up comments to me.  Ugh.  I paid, however, and parked where he told me to.  Another thing that bugs me.  And no it was not in the shade.  Ugh.

In the shook I didn't have money for the yummy fruits or veggies so I just bought some burekas.  Very healthy choice, eh?  No, not at all.  But I told Dylan I'd bring him some of them home, too, so had to do that.  Then found a candy shop and turns out they carry lots of foreign candy.  I saw Toblerone for the first time in 6 years.  Malteasers, Cadbury's, Reese's Easter Eggs and Cadbury Eggs which I had to buy two of, I miss them.

Stopped in another toy store to see if they had 'Trash Pack' guys but she said no all sold out.  I guess they're not in style anymore.  Pooey cuz Dylan really likes them.

Then I drove back home in my hot car with my left arm covered with an old shirt so I don't get more sun damage.

Can I endure one more year of life here in Israel?  I have to.  I will.  But I wanted to write some of the things that make me wish I lived elsewhere.

Sure, we could move somewhere that we like more but ... honestly, Israel is Israel, no matter where you live.  And there is no snow or rain or cold weather in the north like I am looking for so that wouldn't help either.  Maybe if I had a full time job and made a good salary so I could find more places here that I like?  I suppose that might help.  But ... for now, I'll keep trying to sell our beads and jewelry online.